Hydraulic Load Cells

Utilizing the hydraulic principle to measure force, hydraulic load cells from tecsis can be used to measure and to display force in a wide range of applications. 

F1101 / F1102 F1101 / F1102 For the measurement of gaps product details
F1119 / F1136 F1119 / F1136 Lathe Chuck product details
F1103 / F1112 / F1122 F1103 / F1112 / F1122 Lathe Chuck product details
F1106 / F1115 / F1135 / F1145 F1106 / F1115 / F1135 / F1145 Compact product details
F1108/F1125/F1142/F1157 F1108/F1125/F1142/F1157 Heavy duty product details
F6107 / F6116 / F6198 F6107 / F6116 / F6198 Hydraulic ring load cell - compact product details
F6126/F6132/F6139/F6151/F6154/F6166 F6126/F6132/F6139/F6151/F6154/F6166 Hydraulic ring load cell - heavy duty product details
F6137/F6148/F6160/F6171 F6137/F6148/F6160/F6171 Geotechnics product details