Inclination sensor redundant

Redundant inclination sensor

Inclination sensors determine the orientation angle of an object concerning the gravitational field of the earth. The application types for these sensors are versatile. At cranes and excavators the inclination sensor measures the angle and extension of the boom along with the load weight and calculates if the machine is working within the manufacturer suggested safety margins.

The sensor is equipped with a measurement range of 0…90°, 0…180° or 0…360° (others on request) and offers an additional higher precision and accuracy over the entire measurement range. The resolution is 0.01° of F.S.

The functionality of the inclinometer is based on the innovative fluid cell technology. Utilizing this technology allows us to achieve a low lateral inclination in conjunction with the the high accuracy of up to 0.01 °. In addition, the fluid cell technology provides an absolutely identical measurement result no matter where our tecsis inclinometers are put to use.

Customer specific implementations are possible as a result of the modular construction system.


  • Measurement range 0…90°, 0…180° or 0…360° (others on request)
  • Accuracy of <0.3% over the entire measurement range
  • Low sensitivity to moisture
  • Favourable damping behaviour
  • Easy to fit and line-up on equipment
  • High zero stability
  • No acceleration of gravity failure
  • High temperature range
  • Protection class IP67


  • Drilling platforms
  • Drilling rigs
  • Mobil cranes
  • Ship cranes
  • Excavators
  • Aerial working platforms